As medical students, we can easily get caught up with the hustle and bustle of passing exams and trying to get through medical school. We can sometimes lose sight of why we wanted to become physicians in the first place. Although there are many NGO organizations in which you can join as qualified trained physicians, we wanted to do something as medical students. Something that we could do within our own capabilities, using our own knowledge to help people in our own special way and that's what we did! MSOM began from the desire to reconnect to our original passion; to provide healthcare to those in need. 


We all share a similar vision that prevention is modern medicine. Through MSOM, not only do we fundraise via different student-led events, we are able to fund medical outreach awareness and screening programmes as well as medical camps. It is our vision that once we graduate, we will be the leading physicians at our medical camps guiding future medical students through the same path. We hope our small contribution to the medical community will have an impact on each individual we meet along our MSOM journey.

With our gained insight we hope to continue to arrange outreach programmes, which will contribute to the improvement of healthcare and ultimately give back to the community.


Your help is valuable for the future of MSOM. It's only with your help and support that we will be able to reach our goals and be able to "reach out to those who can't be reached"!





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