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About us

MSOM Academia was established in 2019 to supply medical education outside the university curriculum, helping to prepare future doctors as they transition into the working world, as well as train MSOM’s medical screening programme volunteers.

What we do

We are here to support UK and international students at every stage of their medical career:

  • We hold interactive workshops and conferences to improve their knowledge in specific areas and get to grips with the basics of important procedures.

  • We organise online medical education sessions to stay connected and informed during the current pandemic- which include the student led Zoom Through sessions as well as the On Call sessions which are led by UK and international medical doctors.

  • Our training helps students entering MSOM’s medical screening programmes. They are designed to enhance various hand-on skills such as history taking, venepuncture and blood pressure measurement. Students are then examined by a doctor to ensure they are competent enough to examine citizens.

  • We provide informative booklets and leaflets to those attending our workshops and screening programmes to further aid education. All our materials are approved by a doctor to ensure we are delivering the correct information.

News letters

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Meet the team


Hi, I'm Aranie Prabakaran.

You may find me on your parasitology syllabus because I’m quite the book worm.

  Co -Vice President

Hi, I'm Youssef Aboufandi. 

* Me on every single rotation * ‘’Do I love this and want to do it for the rest of my life or is it just a phase?’’

  Co -Vice President

Hi, I'm Adil Rabi. 

Heart sounds? Only one I've ever heard is my own cardiac arrhythmia when I see a patient in real life

Events Secretary

Hi, I'm Punita Basra.

I was once an extra in a Japanese film shot in Bulgaria.

Events Secretary

Hi, I'm Sai-Laveneya Mithiran.

My experience so far has been filled with work, drizzled with fun and sprinkled with some interesting choices. And perhaps, iced a bit too much that I even slipped! You can tell I like baking.

Academic Secretary

Hi, I'm Rajiv Gaikwad.

I think my biggest achievement in my years of university is not being addicted to coffee…yet

Academic Secretary

Hi, I'm Uzma Ali.

The best part about uni so far has been interacting with patients, it reminds you why you came so far to study in the first place

Social Secretary

Hi, I'm Farhoud Pishnamazi.

The first step I took inside of the medical world, was also the first step I took outside of my comfort zone. Since then, I’ve always been finding solutions for endless challenges successfully. I guarantee you can too!

Social Secretary

Hi, I'm Shumail Malick.

I once bought a pair of scrubs with ten pockets. You don’t actually need that many

Digital Marketing and Promotions Secretary

Hi, I'm Catherine Babu.

You’ll find me struggling yet ploughing through med school at various cute cafes in Sofia whilst taking questionable amounts of photos of everything!

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Make sure you follow us on our Instagram and Facebook for regular updates. Our Instagram is filled with fun facts, medical cases, multiple choice questions, and valuable advice from doctors.


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