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We are MSOM Bulgaria! As well international camps, we conduct numerous camps in Bulgaria throughout the year. This can range from giving presents at Christmas to diabetic screening and awareness workshops around the country. We would like to give back to Bulgaria as much as they have given us!!

Village Trud

On the 29th May 2018, we held our very first Bulgarian medical outreach programme, which was held in the village of Trud (few km outside of Plovdiv). 

The aim of the workshop was to promote and raise awareness about diabetes and its complications to the local public, as well as screening their blood glucose levels. Patients with abnormalities were referred to the Endocrinology department of St George's hospital for further investigations.

There has been an increasing global incidence and prevalence of diabetes; and with it, comes a significant social and economic cost.

It is only by raising awareness that we can help people understand their conditions as well as preventing diabetes from arising.

We would like to give a big thank you to our leading physician Professor Orbetszova.  

A gift for Christmas

On the 15th December 2017, with our festive spirits in full swing, we delivered Christmas presents to St. George's Hospital - Paediatric Gastroenterology ward.


Although our mission focuses on healthcare, moments like Christmas gives us the opportunity to give back to the community, who have welcomed and supported us through our journey. 


In a place where some children have been in hospital for several months of treatment or tests for various reasons; to see something different that brought joy and happiness to them was truly humbling and a beautiful moment that we can’t forget. 

We would like to give a big thank you to Dr Yankov for helping us organise this event.

"Blood test are not in vein!"

From the 19th - 21st of April 2019 we held an Oncohematology camp; screening for Leukemias and Lymphomas as well as providing a general examination in three remote villages located within the municipality of Zlatograd, Southern-central Bulgaria (Kushla, Krushkova Mahala, Alamovtsi). 

The aim of the camp was to promote and raise awareness about the common signs and symptoms of leukaemia and lymphomas. 

We believe the prevalence may have been high due to the exposure from the suspected radioactive mine. Many of the patients screened had previously worked as miners. We performed a general examination, checked vitals and conducted blood tests. These investigations were specifically used to screen for leukaemia and lymphomas. Out of the 88% of patients screened, 90% had been identified with undiagnosed hypertension. Patients were referred to the nearest cardiologist and were provided with health education leaflets. 

We would like to give a massive thank you to Dr Beleva who helped us on this journey!!

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