Due to coronavirus, MSOM Plovdiv has no events currently in Plovdiv. Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for more information and virtural events in collaboration with MSOM Academia. From everyone in MSOM Plovdiv, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer. We hope to see you in September.


MSOM is a student led and founded charity organisation. Our acronym stands for “medical students on a mission” and that is precisely the essence of our work. The organisation began with merely the desire to reach out to populations lacking adequate medical care and taking an initiative to change lives accessible to us. Our fundamental aims are to recruit patients from remote areas via primary care camps (We have done noteworthy work regarding hypertension, diabetes and ophthalmology in Bulgaria and Nepal) and refer them to secondary health care in specialised centres. This not only eliminates the neglect of various debilitating conditions people have unknowingly learnt to live with due to poverty, but also gives them an opportunity to improve their quality of life. We have an ever growing team of skilled students performing physical examinations and tests on visitors of our camps to a very high standard. We also hope to provide humanitarian aid at the time of need and natural disasters within the areas we reachable to us.


We are have a dedicated fund-raising team which regularly come up with creative ideas to help the community and to raise funds for such projects.

We organise a range of fundraising events from sport competitions to raffles to games’ night. All the money goes towards raising health awareness and medical supplies for outreach medical camps, nationally and overseas. Our mission is supported by sponsors and local businesses. We also collaborate with student lead organisations like ‘ACS’ (African Caribbean Society). It would not be possible without the help of volunteers, students and professors who help run and participate in these projects.

"A way to give back to the community"


—  Sweta, CM Ambassador

Meet the team


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Public Relations

Nesrin Altonchi

I'm always on a wandering foot, and have visited 33 countries and 3 continents :) I want to see every corner of the world, interested in coming with on an adventure?

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Public Relations

Nicky Pham

I live life to the fullest!

Treasurer/ Overseer

Kanika Chawla

I am an energetic and caring medical student with a keen interest in the surgical approach to healing. I take good care of my responsibilities and believe in enjoying every day as you do so. Also, I like chocolate.

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Aamna Fiaz

Hi, I’m Aamna. I’m a massive foodie and love to travel :)

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Year Representatives

Megha Limbu

“I can nap anywhere, anytime!”

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Creative Manager

Sweta Pillai

I am Sweta, I form friendships based on memes.


Wai Ho Chui

Art Director

Hakuna Matata


Mahdiyya Saleem


Coming Soon

Meet the  commitee

Creative Media

Hi! I'm Vanisha and I'm half Malaysian and half Welsh

5th year rep

Hi, I'm Janar and I'm in fifth year. I really like to play sports and be active. In my spare time I like to listen to music.

1st year rep

I'm Tanvi (on the right). Im a 1st year dental student and I enjoy netball and socialising and travelling with friends


Hi there- my name is Yemi


Hi, my name is Rhiana, when I am not napping, I'm scrolling through pictures of alpacas.


Hi-my name is Kenish 


Hi, I'm Mahima and I'm a mother of two...cats.


Hi I am Timi

Creative Media

Hi- my name is Garthika. I love being in Creative Media and I love playing badminton in my spare time.

3rd year rep

Hello. I am Basit Khan and Im a 3rd year med student. I enjoy spending time with friends and enjoying reading.

6th year rep

Im Ore, a 6th year medic. I enjoy cooking, shopping writing and I am a strong believer in the fact that we were all born to stand out so it is important to find what makes us unique

Public Relations

Hi, Im Eman, Im passionate about eating chocolate and looking after cats for short periods of time.

...a student-led non-profit organisation, with a passion to make changes in communities deprived of medical healthcare...

Our Projects 


In 2017, MSOM was founded by 6 students in Plovdivwho were connected by one idea- to provide healthcare to deprived communities and help those in need. 


In 2018, MSOM expanded, opening up a branch in Sofia univeristy where the MSOM HQ  is currently situated. By now, MSOM had conducted camps and expeditions not just in Bulgaria but to Nepal as well. 


Now 2019, and a new branch has been established in Pleven. MSOM has never been so busy and the thrill and excitement of three branches are second to none. Camps to Sri Lanka and Nepal (again) have been conducted with the highest levels of enjoyment. We now look forward what 2020 has in store for us 


2020 is coming soon but we already have a camp in Nigeria on the way so take a look at what Project Nigeria has in store 

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